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Southwest Fort Myers

St. Columbkille Parish
12171 Iona Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33908

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Meet Our Team

We couldn’t run this church without the uniquely different people that act together to make magic happen.

Fr. Lorenzo


Fr. Pat Boyhan

Assisting Priest

Fr. Rafal Ligenza

Parochial Vicar

JoAnne Bertuch

Liturgical Ministry Coordinator

Peggy O’Rourke

Parish Secretary

Sergio Figueroa

Administrative Coordinator

Marion Donlin


Lee Van Asten

Events and Music Coordinator

Teo Gaytan

Maintenance Coordinator

Janet Sushil

Safe Environment Coordinator

Manya Vartdal


Jeannette Gotz

Faith Formation Coordinator

Alex Petrikas

Youth Group Coordinator

(not pictured)

Jan Micenko & Molly Toye

Thrift Store Managers

Brian Cannady

Thrift Store Driver

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How can we help you?

If you’re looking to be involved in a ministry, renew your faith and reconnect with the Church, resolve a spiritual matter or simply need help, reach out and tell us which department can best serve you. Blessings!

Have an itch?

If you’d like to spearhead a ministry or tackle a cause that you’re passionate about, invent it! We’re open to new ideas and ways in which we can better carry the message of Christ. Don’t be shy!